Fr Hugh O'Sullivan with leaders of the International YCW in Belgium in 1991

These notes were originally written by the late Fr Hugh O'Sullivan for the Australian YCW in the late 1970s.

Hugh was already national chaplain at the time of their publication but he was also working in a local parish, St Augustine's, Salisbury, a working class northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.

The Australian YCW was going through a renewal at that time, which saw the movement revived in every mainland capital city after a decline during the early 1970s.

Then national president, Michael Campbell, published the original version in 1979.

As always, Hugh's Notes for Leaders are full of his practical wisdom and experience of forming YCW leaders.

Forty years later, youthful jargon has evolved somewhat but the ideas and methods presented by Hugh retain all their value.

Indeed, they can be read with profit by community leaders working with every generation and walk of life.

The Australian Cardijn Institute is pleased to make them available once more.

Stefan Gigacz


Hugh O'Sullivan